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Welcome to my website, my name is Armin Hadzic and I work on deep learning and computer vision research. Currently, I work on computer vision applied to remote sensing. However, I am interested in most applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence. I am a graduate student at the University of Kentucky studying Computer Science. I work at the University of Kentucky Computer Vision laboratory and am advised by Dr. Nathan Jacobs.

Research Interests:

Developing deep learning methods to address challenges in latent information representation from multiple sources, including point clouds images, and audio. More generally, I am interested in deep learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence, remote sensing, and robotics.


armin DOT hadzic AT uky DOT edu


EARTHVISION 2020 Paper Published 16 Jun 2020

Awarded CS Outstanding MS Student in 2020 17 Mar 2020

Defended Thesis 02 Mar 2020

Initial Post 25 Dec 2019